From some of the previous years, market jobs nature has developed and this market is going to develop further making legacy or traditional job roles obsolete and shall bring in new job roles which do not exist in today’s date. That is why it is important to provide right information about evolving roles and trends to the learners. By this they will be well informed about new market trends and will be in the position to grab right and relevant skills and that will help them in employability prospects in the coming time.

Our objective is to make it possible. We have set up a project which involves an online program of career counseling as well as a core team which is working to monitor and implement this project.

1. What is career counseling?

Career Counseling is a process which helps the students in moving first step towards the path of successful life. Counseling makes one able to identify and realize which are ones qualities and interests. Career guidanceis a comprehensive and development program that provides the capacity to plan for career search and its execution. Career counseling helps to identify the factors influencing career development and assess interest, abilities and values. It also helps to locate source of career information and to determine next step and develop a plan to achieve your goal.

2. Why career counseling?

Career counseling assists in the following ways which creates its necessity:

  • This program assists the students to find their-selves; who they are? and what do they want from their career, education and life?
  • Career counseling program helps to know “How to choose a career?”
  • Helps in skill-based career development.
  • It promotes the effectiveness in the skills required to get a desirable career.
  • This program gives motivation and enthusiasm to the students.
  • By helping in qualification and self qualities enhancement; this program maximizes the opportunities of the jobs as well as of the business.

3. Who shall be the beneficiaries?

  • High and Higher Secondary School students
  • Disabled students of High and Higher Secondary School
  • Students under minority
  • Educators
  • Parents of the students
  • Employers

Career Counseling in India