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Course / Engineering

Nanotechnology Engineering Technicians

A nanotechnology engineer is someone who works around the smallest, most amazing fragments of science. From storing and altering things on the cellular level to creating new, tiny pieces of electronics, nanotechnology engineers are the cream of the crop, possessing acute attention to detail and a strong drive to make things better.


Why Choose This

The nanotechnology has come to have a diverging impact on many aspects of our daily lives, the opportunities in this career field are growing rapidly. There is numerous of job sectors in which you can employed such as Environmental observing, control, Food science including quality control and packaging, Forensics, federal lab research, Military and national security, Energy capture and storage, Electronic Industries, Material science including textiles, polymers, packaging, among others, Auto and aerospace industries, Sporting goods, Biotechnology, Medical fields and pharmaceutical and many more areas. “Professionals of this field earns good salary package” In US, the salary of nanotechnology engineering technicians ranges from $30,000 to $94,000. The starting remuneration in this field depends upon the industry. A fresher will gets the annual salary of around 3 lacs. Salary varies in the public and private sector.


The minimum qualification required to pursue B. Tech Nanotechnology is 10+2 or equivalent exam from recognized board passed with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Future Scope

“Career opportunity in the field of nanotechnology is expanding rapidly”. Plenty of career options available for nanotechnology professionals. Opportunities exist in medical, healthcare industry research, environment industries, pharmaceutical, agriculture, product development and advising, communication, and media. The nanotechnology field is appropriate for scientists, engineers, and technicians. In the field of engineering, nanotechnology is used by engineers to develop computer components and microscopic sensors. As we know nanotechnology is used everywhere, so, the need of nanotechnology is demanding and changes it faces at every step. Aspirants can create their career in this field with better remuneration. The research studies in this field are the very good choice for those wish to pursue higher studies. The use of Nanotechnology is wide and vast such as in food science, in medical, in engineering, and many others. Candidates specialized in nanotechnology can work in the following areas: Electronics/semiconductor industry Auto and aerospace industries Medical fields and pharmaceuticals Forensics Military and national security Biotechnology Biotechnology Food science including quality control and packaging Jobs profiles for nanotechnology professionals: Applications Engineer Director of Product Marketing Manufacturing Engine Director of Research Optical Engineer Product Marketing Engineer Technical Program Manager Research Scientist Research & Development Engineers Product Marketing Manager