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Course / Engineering

Pharmaceutical Engineering/Technology

Pharmaceutical engineering covers all parts of drug manufacturing, from designing a new facility to optimizing manufacturing processes and perfecting packaging solutions. One of the most important distinctions between pharmaceutical engineering and other branches of engineering is the pharmaceutical industry’s strict requirements for good manufacturing practice (GMP). To excel as a pharmaceutical engineer, you must be able to handle the increasingly complex risk-based GMP demands from early conceptual design, qualification and validation to practical development implementation and execution of a pharmaceutical quality system.


Why Choose This

Right from designing to constructing to producing to packaging, pharmaceutical engineers are required at every level of a pharmaceutical organization. Every sector of this industry offers a wide variety of careers to discover, both in India and abroad. A pharmaceutical engineer is required at different levels, including research of new drugs and drug delivery systems, scale-up process, manufacturing, labeling and packaging, facility design, management, and sales. Apart from hardcore pharmaceutical engineering positions, a pharmaceutical engineer can work under various engineering and science areas, like chemical engineering, bioprocesses engineering, chemistry, and biochemistry, among others, depending upon education, experience, and requirement of the job. Scientists and educationists in various institutions are other sectors to look out for prospering job offers.


10+2 pass with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as mandatory subjects

Future Scope

From the time medications have become a necessity and are required round the year, this industry has plenty to offer both to fresh graduates and experts. There are a wide variety of careers for engineers to work in each sector of the pharmaceutical industry including research of new drugs and drug delivery systems, scale-up process, manufacturing, labeling and packaging, facility design, management, sales, and education. A pharmaceutical engineer can easily get employed in pharmaceutical industry, in R&D labs, designing quality drugs for diseases, production and quality systems, biomedical industries. They can find jobs in biopharmaceutical plants, biotechnological plants and Pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. GlaxoSmithKline, Lupin, Dabur Pharma, Ranbaxy Labs, Merck and Cipla are some of the prominent pharmaceutical companies that employ pharmaceutical engineers. Nowadays cosmetic industry needs people from this area of technology. Pharmaceutical engineers also have an option of teaching in colleges/ universities.