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Course / Health & Care

Chromo Therapy

Known as color therapy, colorology or simply cromatherapy, is an alternative method of treatment, which uses the effects colors have on us to alleviate certain conditions. For that reason, it’s also often referred to as color therapy or color light therapy. The treatment utilizes the chi that exist within differently colored lights, crystals, gemstones, and plants to have a positive effect on the individual. The vibrations of each color affect the mood, emotions, and even the physical health of the individual receiving treatment.


Why Choose This

Qualified persons in this field can work as Chromo therapists in hospitals, naturopathy clinics, nature cure health centres offering alternative medicines, or can open their own therapy clinic. To achieve success in the field of Colour therapy, one need to build up and maintain sound reputation and client base. Chromotherapists can even do research work or join the field of education. . Since Colour Therapy combines with other therapies, practitioners like reflexologists, acupuncturists and other healthcare professionals could offer colour therapy techniques as part of their practice. There is no defined working hours for Chromo Therapists. They can choose their own working hours or offer evening and weekend appointments according to the requirements of the clients.


10+2 or equivalent

Course Programmes

  • Bachelor of Chromotheraphy

  • Bachelor of Gem-Tele-Chromo Therapy (BGTCT)

  • Certificate in Chromotherapy

  • Diploma in Colour Therapy/Chromotheraphy

  • Diploma in Gem-Tele-Chromo Therapy (DGTCT)

  • Training in Chromotherapy/Colortheraphy

Future Scope

Salary of Chromo therapists mainly depend on their skill and experience, and the number of clients they treat. Most chromo therapists are self-employed and can charge on an hourly basis. Many therapists increase their earnings by doing some additional practice along with Chromo Therapy.

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