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Course / Health & Care


Known as water therapy / aquatic therapy is a physiotherapy exercise that use water to treat diseases or maintain health. The theory behind water therapy is that water has many properties that give it the ability to heal. Water is an important part of good health, as it can store and carry heat and energy, dissolve other substances such as minerals and salts and can minimize the effort of gravity on weight bearing joints, spinal column and ligaments.


Why Choose This

Those with knowledge and practical applications of Hydrotherapy can pursue a career as a hydrotherapist. Graduate with skills and experience can find job in a variety of wellness and relaxation centers such as rehabilitation centers, Fitness and health clinics, health spas, long-term care facilities, community health clinics, physical therapy clinics, burn centers, hospitals etc. Hydrotherapy treatments are often given at health spas. The recent growth of the spa industry requires highly educated practitioners for spa and hydrotherapy treatments. So the hydrotherapy graduate, diploma holders can also find job as spa therapist, senior spa therapist or Massage therapist in various spa industries. Many naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, estheticians, physical therapists and alternative practitioners also practice hydrotherapy in spas, clinics and hospitals.


10+2 or equivalent with science as a compulsory subject

Course Programmes

  • Bachelor in Hydro Theraphy (Correspondence/ Distance Education)

  • Certificate Course in Hydro Theraphy (Correspondence/ Distance Education)

  • Diploma in Hydro Theraphy (Correspondence/ Distance Education)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hydro Theraphy (Correspondence/ Distance Education)

Future Scope

Salary of hydrotherapists varies with the industry standards. The massage therapists with specialized knowledge such as hydrotherapy training can charge hourly rate for a single therapy session. A hydrotherapy session usually last about half an hour to one hour. Depending on the needs, a patient may require up to six sessions. Actual salaries may vary greatly based on specialization within the field, location, years of experience and a variety of other factors.

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