Career Counselling Methodology

01. Developing a relationship with the client

As with all forms of counseling, career counseling is most successful when the counselor forms a meaningful connection with their client. While many career counselors use career aptitude tests and personality tests, the top career counselors have completed a clinical mental health master’s program and use their clinical training to go beyond simple vocational guidance. They work to understand their client’s worries, interests, fears, and desires on a level that is much deeper than what any test might reveal. By establishing a therapeutic relationship with their clients, the top career counselors can provide fuller support and guidance.

02. Understanding the goals of the client

The top career counselors set specific goals with their clients and redirect their clients toward those goals if the conversation drifts too far toward other concerns. That said, career counselors might ask clients to describe their perfect job, or consider where they would like to be 5 years from now. Career counseling professionals might also focus their clients’ attention on what is important to them in life and what they enjoy accomplishing at work. All of these questions can help define a career-seeker’s goals.

03. Guiding the clients to select a field, best for them

The career counsellors must dwell onto finding the most appropriate field for the client. The counselor studies the client and his potential thoroughly and mixes it with his interests and thoughts for the future. A complete interal and external study would help finding a career most suitable for the person in accordance with the skills possessed.

04.Determining Strengths

Career counseling can offer other benefits that help a new student to be successful in the work world. Because new graduates likely have had little or no long-term, full-time employment, understanding the expectations of employers and what is required of employees can help them be effective in their new job. Coaching and teaching about employer expectations can help a student interview better, giving more appropriate answers and demonstrating their understanding of what they bring to the company.

05. Understanding the job market

It does little good to be told you’re well suited for a career that is in steep decline. Likewise, there’s not much utility in being told you’re well suited for a career you lack the skills for. The top career counselors know this and work hard to stay abreast of the issues facing the job market. They pay close attention to the ways automation, outsourcing, downsizing, and global competition affect job opportunities and specific careers. Additionally, they understand the skills and attitudes workers need to succeed in a modern employment environment. Often, counselors work with their clients to make sure their clients are competent with technology, accepting of diversity, prepared to handle modern job insecurities, and capable of maintaining the level of occupational awareness needed to avoid falling behind or becoming redundant.

About career counseling

Career counseling is an organisation started in 2019 which aims to deliver help to everybody seeking for some guidance in their career paths and also to provide ways to people who are confused with the purpose of their individual lifes .


The vision of our organisation is to empower students and to help them find their potential based career backed with sufficient future scope, so that they can make their unique marks on the world.


Our mission is to educate and support students as they explore and further understand themselves and the various career options, gain valuable experience, and thereby develop as professionals. We wish to Actively discover and let people pursue their passions leading to more valuable and impactful professionals who feel personally fulfilled.

Career @ Career counselling

We just do not provide light to people looking for guidance from us but instead also provide job opportunities to people and help them build a strong career with us. If you have think you have the skill to stand for people and help and counsel them through out the process and is somebody who can work and build together as a team you're perfect to be a part of us.

Online test series

We at Career Counseling, conducts online test series every once in a while, to prepare students for various exams and competitions. Special focus is provided to students of class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th and also to those fighting for cometition exams. We just don't help you find what ia good for you but also rather prepare for you to rise up in every single step and create a remark. Our test series is specially designed by our great faculty who is expertise in building the confidence for the students

Common description for the courses

The world is wide, and so is the capability of the human mind. There are a number of lists of things which a man can perform if he wishes to conquer over his own self and create a life of happy turnings. Choosing a career to follow for the rest of your life, is a great decision taken at a young age, here we have a number of courses listed for you, along with its future scope and eligibility, so that you can make a wise decision.