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Course / Arts

Creative Writing

Creating writing is a long process which requires a lot of research and hard work. Creative writing is the writing in which a writer aims to express his/ her emotions, feelings, imaginative ideas and thoughts, through prose and poetic verses. Any kind of writing like novels, poems, stories, drama, autobiography, script writing, copy writing etc. can be considered as creative writing. The foremost and the essential things required to become a creative writer is the passion for writing and love to communicate with words. Creative writing is a field which requires a lot of imagination, observation and an inborn ability to create pictures of the natural world. One can become a good writer by reading articles on variety of topics and styles; experiencing life in every way and learning and listening to a lot of idioms, accents, and local expressions. One can also improve their writing skills by taking a course in creative writing.


Why Choose This

Content Writers are always in demand and will always remain in demand due to the ever increasing demand of their profession. Every image is backed up by a relevant content. Without content, the image would have no tangible meaning in itself.


Higher Secondary or 10+2 with humanities or arts as the main discipline

Course Programmes

  • Diploma in Creative Writing in English

  • Diploma in Creative Writing in Hindi

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Communications

  • Diploma in Screenwriting

Future Scope

The future scope of content writing in India is very powerful. Initially, a content writing was restricted but not limited to radio, newspapers, and magazines. Now, with unlimited content available just a click away, the potential scope of content is immense and it is being considered as one of the most powerful media. Many renowned brands are managing to earn the great amount of money by their highly effective and productive content, which caters to their potential audience. Enlightening and engaging content completely resonates with the concerned masses.