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Course / Arts

Political Science

Political science focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national, and international levels. Political Science/Political Studies/Public Administration in the field of study of politics in Universities/institutions. A politician is not only a representative of the people, but he is also involved in the law-making process by supporting the bills and ordinances.


Why Choose This

A politician is not only a representative of the people, but he is also involved in the law-making process by supporting the bills and ordinances. Salary in the field of politics depends upon your designation and post. In India, MLA receives an annual salary of 6 lacs. The MLA daily allowance for each day of attending parliament is Rs. 2000. In abroad, the basic annual salary of all MLAs is near around $91,201.00.


10+2 qualification

Future Scope

Politics can be a challenging and rewarding field for people, those who want to create a life in the service of other people. There are several career paths in the field of politics. Interested candidates can make a full-time career in politics. Aspirants can join politics at any time of their age and at any level of their education. There is no particular academic requirement for joining politics. As per the constitution of India, the minimum age of 25 years is required for contesting the election. There are two paths to start a political career in Indian Democracy. First, you can join the established party or by joining a new party & working independently. You can work in an office, manage campaigns, or work in a policy environment. You can also work as an intern for a government agency, an elected official, a non-profit group or a political action committee. Most political internships are unpaid, but they are very useful in getting the experience you need. Beyond working on a campaign, there are many different jobs in politics, such as working on legislation, political strategists, media relations & public relations positions, pollsters & political consultant’s campaign managers & consultants, etc. Politics graduates are employed by: law firms the local and national government accountancy and banking organizations charities councils retail and media companies A graduate in political science has many attractive career options that include political journalism, civil services, administrative services, political advisors, federal, state and local government, research and teaching. Such candidates can also start their career in the field of law. To become, MLA, MLC or MP, you are required to start your career in politics with the bottom level. Get engaged in the political process or join any political party as a volunteer as at the time of election party leaders are always looking for volunteers. Start analyzing political scenarios of the country and make connections with the political leaders. Joining student political groups or contesting for elections in unions is the initial step to enter into politics. You have to build your leadership qualities by listening good leaders and understanding their ideologies. In addition to being a trained communicator, you will need to know the government and the political procedure. Job Profile Politician Intern/Volunteer Legislative Aide Teacher Policy Analyst Communications Coordinator Political Pollsters Campaign Manager Political Consultant Media Strategist Chief of Staff