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Course / Engineering

Audio/Sound Engineering

Sound engineers or audio engineers work on the technical aspects of sound and music production by mixing, reproducing and manipulating the equalization and electronic effects of sound. Sound engineers don't have to work strictly in music. Some engineers end up designing and controlling the sound at conferences, in theaters, and in any other venue that requires sound projection for an audience. By controlling microphones, sound levels, and outputs, sound engineers combine their well-trained ears with their knowledge of acoustics to produce the best quality of sound for a variety of purpose.


Why Choose This

Audio engineers are responsible for maintaining and operating sound recording and/or broadcast equipment. On any given day, they may work with musical artists, television news stations, movie directors, radio stations, or video game companies, with the ultimate goal of producing high-quality, crystal-clear sounds. They set-up, operate and repair audio recording/broadcast equipment, stay informed of new development in sound engineering technologies, coordinate with editors, directors, video operators, and other sound engineers when necessary, choose appropriate audio equipment for use in various situations, and plan and schedule work in an effective and efficient manner. Career opportunities for the sound engineer and technicians are available in various fields like radio stations, tv channels, studios, multimedia design, animation, advertising firms, movies and more. One can opt for specialized courses in technical skills such as sequencing, mastering, editing, and recording. With the proper experience, he/she can become studio managers. These students also opt for courses in universities abroad. There is strong competition for work in this field. Jobs are not often advertised, so you will have to be persistent and show initiative.


Candidates who have passed 10+2 in physics, chemistry, and mathematics as compulsory subjects, can pursue Sound Engineering in bachelor's degree level. Candidates who have passed bachelor's degree in Sound Engineering are eligible to pursue Sound Engineering in master and doctoral level at Indian and foreign universities.

Future Scope

There are engineers to record the sound for commercial music recordings, radio, television, films, advertisements, videos, websites, computer, mobile games and many more. It is one of the major revenue production fields and the importance is also higher. The scope of sound engineering in India is limited, but it has huge potential for growth in the entertainment industry. The demand for sound engineers is increasing constantly. Sound Engineer Audio Engineer Studio Manager Production Assistant Assistant Engineer Acoustic Consultant Digital Remastering Engineer Live Sound Engineer Multimedia Developer Studio Designer Studio Technician